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Our Accessible Road Trip 2017

James and I share the same love for road trips and try to embark on one or two adventures a year on the road. This year was no exception as we just got back from a two week holiday driving south of the Okanagan to the US. I was so impressed with our journey and how seamless it was that I highly recommend this road trip to anyone in a wheelchair. Some people in chairs don’t feel comfortable flying so a road trip is a great alternative.

Our first major stop was Yellowstone National Park. I didn’t really know what to expect, but this had to be one of my all time favorite experiences. Access to the park is free of charge to someone in a wheelchair who is a US citizen, we paid $30 because we are Canadian, but I love that the US offers this to their wheelchair community. James and I had an awesome drive through the golden, mountainous park and then we pulled up to the geysers. We stopped and got out of the car on numerous occasions to walk and roll paths along dozens of geysers. The greatest part about the whole experience was that it was 100% wheelchair accessible. Every geyser/geysers had wooden bridges and trails through the terrain. I have previously talked about the disappointment of not being able to experience these moments with James, but in this case I was so shocked there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do at Yellowstone. We spent the whole day stalking buffalo, watching geysers blow and finished the day with Old Faithful, erupting right on schedule. A huge shout out to Yellowstone National Park for doing such a great job making this beautiful place accessible for everyone and allowing me to have one of the best dates with my man!

Our next major stop was Salt Lake City. This city was awesome for finding an accessible hotel room, drinking loads of coffee and hunting for rare books. We took a trek about an hour and a half out of town to the Bonneville Salt Flats. This stop was just off the highway and was awe-inspiring. This place went on forever and was a wild and strange kind of beauty. You can’t describe it in words and the pictures don’t even do this place justice. The great part about this stop is that you can drive your vehicle right onto the flats! We didn’t venture too far on the off chance we’d get stuck, but we drove far enough to be in the thick of it. James got out and wheeled around, we took pictures and soaked up the energy of this magical place. When it was time to leave we realized we weren’t quite prepared for all the salt that stuck to James’ wheels. The only thing we had handy was baby wipes (the best things ever invented!) so I had to go to town on de-salting James’ wheelchair. If we had known better we would have brought a towel with us. Now we know haha!

Our last stop was a two part stay in Las Vegas, the most accessible place on earth in our opinion. We rented an accessible condo for two days off the strip. Barry, a fellow Canadian, rents his place out to people in chairs when he is not there. The condo was an excellent place for James and I to read, soak up the sun and spend some quality time together. It was very relaxing and safe as it was a gated and guarded community. Barry’s place has a full ceiling lift, roll in shower, commodes and a fully accessible van you can rent to tour around. We would highly recommend this place to our friends for a very accommodating stay.

Last but not least, Viva Las Vegas! We rented a penthouse suit in Polo Towers with 2 others couples, all three guys in wheelchairs. It was an extremely accessible stay, even with 3 drunk guys in chairs! The rooftop pool and hot tub both had easy to use lifts and the staff was very helpful. Vegas is a great destination for anyone in a wheelchair that hasn’t done much traveling or just needs to get away. There are elevators on every corner and it’s a wheelchair playground. As a wheel love spouse the only recommendation I can give is wear good shoes because its very hard to keep up with someone on wheels (when there’s wheels, I don’t wear heels!). Our friends and I love going around Halloween because you can come up with hilarious costumes and create a wheelchair train trailing down Freemont street!

All in all we had a very successful road trip. I don’t normally write about places we travel to, but I felt very compelled to share these destinations with you. All three places blew my expectations and if your looking to get away, I highly suggest this trip! Plus, being stuck in a car with your partner on the road is always good for your relationship, right? To be honest with you I think I fell asleep through half our conversations….but don’t tell James that!


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Here is the link to Barry’s condo:



  • Bobby Joe Rozell

    Ì am handicapped here my power wheelchair I can’t walks no more.I don’t have girlfriend long time the dates no body alone every year. I don’t have no working the jobs 36 years I was young man long-time ago no more bad new. no body help me No driving no more anywhere. Ì live in Jacksonville Texas USA my home no body alone every year. I am single never married and no kids.
    You lookìng for find me.

  • Teri Brinelle

    James, Chelsea and Co. you never cease to amaze me not much gets in your way. Glad you had a great trip.

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