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    The Fine Line Between Advocate and @$$hole

    Disclaimer: This blog post contains coarse language and may be offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. ad·vo·cate (noun): one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group ass·hole (noun): a stupid, annoying, or detestable person By definition, these two words are completely different. But, when you’re passionate about something, whether that be a specific group or a specific cause, sometimes the line between advocating for the rights of that group and being an asshole about it can become blurred and the words become interchangeable. SAM SAYS… Before Shawn’s injury I didn’t notice things like curbs without ramp access, restaurants with only stairs or high top…

  • Wheelie True Stories

    Wheel Love Problems 2

    This week on Wheel Love we bring you Wheel Love Problems #2! As we have said before, there are countless problems that wheelchair users encounter in their everyday routines, but there are also some that us spouses encounter. So, enjoy episode 2, let us know if you can relate and share your wheel love problems with us! PS – Please know that these videos are meant to be funny exaggerations of our every day lives. Our wheel loves are both very independent, very capable men who are kind enough to let us make fun of them.

  • Wheelie True Stories

    Top 10 Photo Poses for You and Your Wheel Love

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our Wheel Love Photo Challenge! We received a ton of great photos from all over the world and it was VERY hard for us to narrow it down to just 10… we even enlisted the help of a stranger in Starbucks! But here they are, our favourite Wheel Love poses. #10. Adele and Tyler. We like this photo because firstly, it’s a huge undertaking to get a wheelchair out in the sand and secondly, there is no better backdrop than palm trees! #9. Lydia and Kenny. This is a great pose for any engagement or couples photo. It’s cute, its intimate and who…

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    Uprights Say the Darndest Things

    This week on Wheel Love: Over the years we have heard some pretty ridiculous things from people who have a general curiosity as to what life is like with someone in a wheelchair… and some from people who just don’t think before they speak. Some are entertaining, some make us shake our heads and some leave us speechless. Check out Uprights Say the Darndest Things and let us know what ridiculous things you’ve heard from people! Pushing on… Sam & Chelsea