Wheelie True Stories

Wheel Love Problems 2

This week on Wheel Love we bring you Wheel Love Problems #2! As we have said before, there are countless problems that wheelchair users encounter in their everyday routines, but there are also some that us spouses encounter. So, enjoy episode 2, let us know if you can relate and share your wheel love problems with us!

PS – Please know that these videos are meant to be funny exaggerations of our every day lives. Our wheel loves are both very independent, very capable men who are kind enough to let us make fun of them.


  • Shannon

    This was hilarious! Love it! I’d love to see more! ‘Code brown’ 😂I’m glad we can all find and understand the humour of the wheellife!

    • Sam & Chelsea

      Hey Eric! We are working on posting a video of his truck transfers, but in all honesty, it’s pure muscle! I can barely climb in the F350…. especially since it has a bit of a lift in it, yet he manages no problem haha!

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