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Top 10 Photo Poses for You and Your Wheel Love

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Wheel Love Photo Challenge! We received a ton of great photos from all over the world and it was VERY hard for us to narrow it down to just 10… we even enlisted the help of a stranger in Starbucks! But here they are, our favourite Wheel Love poses.


Adele and Tyler. We like this photo because firstly, it’s a huge undertaking to get a wheelchair out in the sand and secondly, there is no better backdrop than palm trees!


Lydia and Kenny. This is a great pose for any engagement or couples photo. It’s cute, its intimate and who doesn’t love a good smooch! Great kissing skills you two!


Erin and Stephen. This is just too cute. What a great idea for a wedding photo… mind if we steal this one??


Nicole and Stu. We just love how natural this photo is and how it captures their personalities perfectly. Sexy snow suits you two… careful, the snow may melt!


Caroline and Jordan. We love that although Caroline isn’t in a chair, she enjoys playing basketball with her man. What a great photo to capture them doing something they love together… kissing of course!


Cameron and Trey. This photo was taken moments after Trey proposed! We love that this pose allows you to be eye to eye with your partner. Congrats on the engagement you two! Can we crash your wedding…?


Yasaman and Robert. Can we get a heck yeah?? We love this photo! It’s a classic dip with a bit of a spin… pun intended.


Jamie and Mike. This photo melted our hearts and got a big “awwww”. It also made us both want babies…. uh oh. This is a super cute, super natural pose for a new family. Congrats on the little one!


Jackie and Angel. This is an amazing alternative to the typical wedding ceremony. What better way to say “I do” than eye to eye with your partner.

#1. amy-b2

Congrats Amy and Jason! You are our favourite photo! This is just the cutest maternity photo we have ever seen. It’s unique, it’s natural and it’s very creative. Great job to you for being so adorable and to your photographer for capturing a great moment!

Unique and creative photo poses are always hard to come by. We find that the best ones are when people are caught in the moment and just being themselves. Just because our photo contest is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep sending in your photos! We love seeing you and your Wheel Love doing your thing. Email them to info@wheellove.ca or message us on Facebook, we would love to hear your story!

Pushing on…

Sam & Chelsea


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  • Rachel

    More photos! 🙂 So encouraged seeing all these couples. A great mixture of casual, engagement, marriage and family shots. Love it.

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