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2017 Wheel Love Christmas Wish List

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when you start to decorate for Christmas; a tree, lights, garland, tinsel. It’s the time of year when you start to think about finding that perfect gift for your loved ones. You’ve done some research, Googled the top gift ideas for 2017 and still haven’t figured out what to get your Wheel Love. Let’s face it, if your Wheel Love is anything like either of ours, they are near impossible to buy for! So let us help you out. Here’s our list of the top gift ideas for your Wheel Love this year.

  1. Heated Clothing – Winters can be cold… especially here in Canada and when you can’t regulate your body temperature, it’s hard to make sure you stay warm! We recommend Ororo Heated Apparel. Their jackets, hoodies and vests (for both men and women) would make a great gift for someone who lives in a colder climate. Their apparel has multiple heating elements and 3 different temperature settings to make sure that you are comfortable and to avoid any burns when you can’t feel how hot it’s getting! Check them out here: ororowear.com
  2. Virtual Reality Headset – If you aren’t able to physically get out and do something, maybe this is the next best thing! There are a ton of different varieties; ones that work with your cell phones or with your Playstation or Xbox, they range in price from relatively inexpensive to expensive and they have a ton of different games. And if nothing else, it provides entertainment for those of us who get to watch the person play!
  3. Movie Pass – If your Wheel Love is the type to like to see all the latest films then a movie pass is a perfect gift for them. Now-a-days you can prebook your seats online to make sure you get the accessible ones and it makes for a great date night. Gotta love dual purpose gifts!
  4. Universal Yums – For the foodie in your life, check out Universal Yums. It’s a subscription service that sends you a snack package from a different country each month. Make a themed date night out of it; cook a dinner dish inspired by that months country, listen to some cultural music, rent a movie, and enjoy some snacks from a far off destination! Visit universalyums.com
  5. Progeo Raptor –  he Raptor is a power assist device that attaches to the front of your manual wheelchair. It has all terrain capability and can reach speeds of up to 25km/hr while remaining both para and quad friendly. Not only is it fun to use, but it gives you the convenience of a power chair without losing the functionality of a manual chair. Head over to their website for more info.
  6. Apple Watch – Hate not being able to put your phone on vibrate without missing all your calls or texts? Problem solved, your watch will let you know! Don’t have the finger dexterity to type out a text reply? No worries, just talk to your watch and it’ll do it for you! This watch is pretty neat, wheelchair user or not, with all the convenience of your iPhone on your wrist. It even has a fitness app for wheelchair users.
  7. UE Wonderboom Speaker – This little portable Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for anyone who loves listening to their music everywhere they go. It’s small, lightweight, waterproof (it floats!), has great sound quality, can be paired with a second speaker and even comes with a hang loop so you can attach it to your chair, your bike, your backpack, your shower wall or anywhere else you’d like it to go! Bonus: this speaker is pretty much indestructible. Check out Ultimate Ears for a whole variety of portable speakers.
  8. Qalo Silicone Wedding Ring  – Super practical and super comfortable! Metal rings can be dangerous; getting caught on things, ripping open skin, getting stuck on swollen fingers, not to mention the annoying tinging on hand rims! These rings are silicone so they are stretchy and squishy and come in a whole ton of different colors and styles for both men and women. Check out their website and find the style that suits your Wheel Love.
  9. Anti-Gravity Phone Case – More of a novelty than anything, this phone case allows you to stick your phone to any smooth surface so you can enjoy it handsfree. Stick it to your cars dash while you use Google Maps, or the cupboard door while you are trying out a new recipe or even just stick it to the wall so you can FaceTime at eye level or take the perfect selfie without having to hold your phone up.
  10. Flexible Tablet Stand  – Tired of trying to hold your iPad while you watch Netflix in bed, or don’t have the hand function to hold your tablet comfortably? Check out this stand that can hold your tablet for you, whether your on the couch, in bed, or just want a stand for on the counter. Handsfree, convenient, and it folds up for easy storage when not in use!
  11. Concert Tickets – For the music lover in your life and another dual purpose gift! All concert venues offer accessible seating, although most of the time you can’t purchase accessible tickets online, you can definitely buy them over the phone. Perks – they are usually cheaper than regular tickets, the seats are usually close to the stage and there is usually extra room for dancing! So find out where your Wheel Love’s favourite band or artist is playing, buy some tickets and make a date night out of it…or hell, if it’s out of town, make an entire weekend of it!
  12. Portable Ramps – We all know the frustration of heading over to a friends house and having to get someone to help you lift your Wheel Love up the 2 steps at the front door. Let’s face it, this world just isn’t accessible (although there are great strides being made to make it better). So bring your own access; a light weight, easy to carry and easy to store ramp that you can take with you when ever you need it. Here’s one site that sells them: rollaramp.com
  13. Broken: A Memoir by Emma White – Only 4 months after Emma’s boyfriend was in a motorbike accident that left him a paraplegic, the pair set off on a whirlwind camping adventure, traveling 18,000km across Australia. The trip will not only push Kev’s boundaries and capabilities as a new SCI, but also test their relationship. We both have this book on order right now and will do a book review as soon as we’ve finished it!
  14. Wireless Sport Headphones – These Bluetooth headphones are great for everyone. They have awesome sound quality, are comfortable, sweat proof, and they are wireless so there are no cords to get in your way while your rolling around. The Bose SoundsSport Wireless headphones have been rated the #1 wireless sport headphones on the market for 2017. Check out your options here.
  15. Shoes –  illy Price came up with the idea for Billy Footwear after an accident that left him a quadriplegic with little hand function. Getting shoes on and off and tying them became difficult with his lack of finger dexterity, so he designed footwear with a zipper going around the toe that allows the whole top of the shoe to open. They are fashionable and functional and they are available for the whole family. billyfootwear.com
  16. Active Hands – Active Hands is a company that designs gloves/gripping aids for people with hand or grip impairments. They are made to suit your lifestyle and keep you active and doing the things you love to do, whether that be working out at the gym, biking, fishing, rowing etc. They can do custom sizes to make sure you are getting exactly what you want and would make a great gift for any active wheelchair user who struggles with grip. activehands.com
  17. Smart Drive – The Smart Drive is another power assist device. It is lightweight, easy to install and speed and sensitivity are controlled by tapping a wristband. It’s powerful enough to push you up a steep ramp or hill, or just allow you to save your energy while rolling around the mall. It’s great to take on vacation and allows the user complete freedom. Choose from 3 different models here.
  18. Car Starter – Nobody likes getting in a cold car. Not to mention, it is hard to reach the middle of your windshield to scrape off the ice when you’re sitting. Again, being that we are from Canada, automatic car starters are a must. You can let your car thaw out from the comfort of your nice warm house and stay nice and toasty no matter where you are going or what the weather looks like.
  19. KitchenAid Mezzaluna  – It’s a curved knife with a silicone grip, perfect for someone with limited hand function who loves to cook but doesn’t want to chop off a finger.
  20. Whistler Blackcomb Mountain – If your Wheel Love loves new adventures, think about taking a trip to Whistler. Located in BC, Canada, Whistler is one of the biggest ski resorts in North America and is a 4 season playground. The list of things to do here is endless; in the winter you can try adaptive skiing or tobogganing and in the summer you can hand cycle the endless trails around beautiful lakes and beaches. The mountain also offers a Peak2Peak gondola with breath taking views, ziplines through the rainforest, bungee jumping, camping, shopping and a million other options to make sure everyone has an amazing time, wheelchair or not. Our men make a trip here every year and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an accessible holiday! Find out more on the Whistler tourism website.

Well there you have it! Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Check out last years Gift Ideas for Your Wheel Love and maybe you’ll find some inspiration there. Happy shopping and good luck! Wishing you all a very happy holiday season filled with love, laughter, friends, family and of course way more food than you should eat! That being said, eat it anyway… Christmas only comes once a year! Much love!


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Sam & Chelsea


  • Marylène and Manu

    Hey ladies, I’m just following-up on your book suggestion “Broken : A Memoir” from Emma White. Have you had the chance to read and if so what did you think of it? I’m thinking about maybe ordering it too..

    • Sam & Chelsea

      Hey! We have ordered it, but haven’t gotten it yet! We will definitely keep you posted though!

  • Elena

    Great list! So helpful and full of good ideas. 🙂
    Follow us as well: WAGSOFSCI. Education, Empowerment, Awereness & Sisterhood. @wagsofSCI

  • Clare

    Thanks for the recommendation of Active Hands – our products are designed by Rob, who has a spinal cord injury so he has first-hand experience of the difficulties of living with reduced hand function. He puts that knowledge into designing and selecting product to help those not just with spinal cord injury but other hand-related injuries.

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