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Wheel Love Resolutions for 2017

WE’RE BACK!! After an incredibly busy, but equally amazing holiday season, we are excited to be back at it with some new ideas and fresh content for you guys! We hope everyone’s Christmas and New Years were as eventful and full of love as ours were!

So, welcome to 2017 everyone. How’s it going so far?! We hope you are off to a good start and that your are following through on your New Years resolutions! To be honest, neither of us is a big fan of “New Years resolutions” because really, who actually follows through on those past January 5th anyway? That being said, we are both big fans of fresh starts, challenges, and positive changes, so we thought, why don’t we let 2017 be the year of the first “Wheel Love Resolutions.” Here are the changes that we have decided to make this year!

  1. Shoes! Let’s start putting them away, shall we? We have learned quickly that shoes lying around the house haphazardly will either get run over, thrown across the room, or become a “tripping” hazard.
  2. We will stop hiding things where our boys can’t reach or get to. Chelsea says… I will stop hiding my candy on the top shelf. I need to learn to share, so I will start hiding it on lower shelves to give James a fighting chance. Sam says… I will stop hiding presents in the basement so Shawn can’t peek. After all, I enjoy shaking the boxes and trying to guess what’s inside, so I guess I should give him the same opportunity.
  3. We will try to stop laughing when we carry our men up stairs. Chelsea says… Whenever I carry something heavy, I find myself in a fit of giggles. Apparently this does not make James feel safe in my hands, although I have yet to drop him! Sam says… So… I have sorta dropped Shawn… but I 100% blame his mom for making me laugh as I struggled to piggyback him up the steps into their place, haha! On a positive note, I broke his fall when we collapsed on the floor into a heap. I promise no paraplegic was harmed in the process.
  4. Chelsea says… I will try to stop mistaking James’ lube for toothpaste… why do they have to make the tubes look exactly the same?!
  5. Sam says… I will try to have more patience when waiting for Shawn to do things. Like when we are getting out of the truck and I give him a hand putting his chair together then wait while he returns a text message, then transfers, then fixes his pants, then puts his shoe back on because it’s fallen off, and replies to another text, then makes sure his jacket is sitting right, then grabs his wallet and puts it in his pouch, then fixes his feet on the footplate… all while it’s -15 degrees and I’ve become an icicle…
  6. Chelsea says… I will stop walking up a flight of stairs to avoid a fight. Sam says… I will try to remember to put the shower head down so he can reach it and not be smelly.
  7. Chelsea says… I would like to start massaging James’ legs and feet more to help with his circulation. Plus, who doesn’t like a good massage… even if you can’t feel it. Sam says… I would like to start helping Shawn stretch his legs and do range of motion exercises each night in an attempt to reduce spasms and loosen up the muscles.
  8. We will try harder to be less disappointed when something is not accessible. How many times have you planned the perfect date or gone somewhere new only to find out that it is not accessible? Our first reaction? Disappointment. And it’s really, really hard not to let that disappointment and frustration ruin the rest of the outing, so this is something that we both really want to work on. We realize that our disappointment does nothing but frustrate and upset our men, so this year we are going to try to make the best out of these situations or do some extra pre-planning in an attempt to avoid them!

Statistically, only 76% of people stick to their new years resolutions for the first week, and only 46% make it through the first 6 months. We are hoping that by straying from the average weight loss or healthy eating goals, we will be able to make some lasting positive changes in our lives and our relationships.

What resolutions did you make for 2017? Have you stuck to them?

We challenge you to set at least one goal for you and your Wheel Love this year. Make it something attainable, something that you need to work at, and something that is going to make a lasting positive impact in your life and relationship. Then comment below to let us know what you’ve chosen!


Happy New Year and we look forward to spending 2017 with you all!


Pushing on…

Sam & Chelsea


  • Jacqui

    Hi’ ya Honey’s,
    Its great to hear from you again with your words of Wisdom and insight into life’s dilemma’s all related to being a wheeler etc 🙂
    I Love your upbeat take on things and concur with most if not all you write about, some things i have not experienced yet, as i do not travel far from home or do very much this time of year due to weather conditions and short day’s but Spring is around the corner and i can ‘feel it’
    Take care all of you out there!
    Jacqui xx

  • Julie

    I’ve missed your posts! Never been a fan of resolutions either but LOVING the list you complied. Going to jump on the bandwagon for a lot of them. Thank you as always for the sweet, genuine, funny and accurate insight!

  • Karen Seddon

    I resolve to still hide sweets up high or in my room which my husband cannot access so I can continue to get some sweets.

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