• Rachel

    This made me cry. One of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen. Thank you. :)))

    A suggestion: how about a post about where you’ve traveled to, and how you got around in these cities? I’ve dated my wheellove for 6 months and the nature of my job involves a lot of traveling, and I’ve often wondered how it’d be like traveling with him. That was one of the biggest concerns I’ve had before we dated. We’ve traveled to Singapore (I was there for a project) and it was very accessible, but I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe with him. I have been there but he hasn’t, and I worry it might be hard for us to get into historical sites with lots of steps. I ask because some of your photos look like you’ve been to Europe (Venice?).

  • Betsy & Rick

    Truly amazing couple!
    How love gets amplified
    With adversity.
    Way to go you two!
    Similar situation for us
    6 months in,35 years married.

  • RC

    This made me cry…I’ve been on a similar journey. I discovered your page today and I’m so glad I did. Thank you for sharing❤️

  • Ashton

    That is amazing video!! So true!! I have cerebral palsy, it has changed from a limp to using a power chair. It has been a huge adjustment. I have been so blessed to have a man who truly loves me. We have been together for 5.5 years. Your video completely reminds me of are life. Are life is full of laugh, tears, appreciate of the good days and together we can get though ANYTHING❤️. love your blog.

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