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Wheel Love Photo Challenge

Everyone wants to be able to capture the special moments in their lives, big or small. They want those moments to be able to live on for years to come and to be able to look back and relive them. Every picture tells a story and leaves the people in it frozen forever. img_4947

From engagement and wedding photos, to candid everyday selfies, there is no doubt that taking photos has become a part of every day life. Images of couples intertwined, gazing into each other’s eyes, locking lips and walking while holding hands are pretty common.

So how do you take the perfect picture when your partner is sitting at a solid 4ft tall?


This is our challenge to you:

Send us your favourite photo of you and your wheel love in your creative and fun poses! Send your photos in to info@wheellove.ca by November 6th and we will choose the top 10 to be featured in our next blog post! We will also pick one lucky person to receive a Wheel Love prize pack!

So, get snappin! And no dirty ones please, haha!


Pushing on…

Sam & Chelsea


  • Brett Waldmann

    Thanks for writing to me Carrie,
    It is obviously a society issue as everyone thinks there life is perfect but in reality no has a perfect life. I think for me what affects me the most is people pre-judging me without actually knowing me. They see a man in a wheelchair and for some reason think I am not smart or lacking. Before I was injured I had no problem dating or finding a girlfriend. Afterwards I can see how hard it is just to be considered as someone to date or possibly be a man worth being married to. I guess I have not learned to take rejection very well and I am already a reserved and a bit of a shy and quiet guy anyway. Thanks for your advise. I could maybe regroup and have a different approach of dealing with the opposite sex, but peoples preconceived thoughts are usually very hard to change..

  • Brett Waldmann

    I really think it would be awesome to do. Take pics with your significant other together. However, I find that no one will date me and it is very hard to find any woman that will. The last time I asked a woman out for dinner her reply to me was I don’t date retarded people and what makes you think I would. I was blindsided by her comment and felt really small and worthless. I have not had the nerve to ask anyone out since then. People in society don’t like disabled and paralyzed people. I wish I could find a woman that would go out with me. I wish I was married. For just that to happen it would have to be a miracle to happen..

    • Carrie

      Forget her, no one deserves anyone like that. Finding someone is extremely hard, I have been intensely dating for 6 years. I still haven’t found someone yet. I do have some extra weight, but I’m working to get it off. It’s not just you. Our society can’t stand being the odd one out. I obviously don’t know your side of things, but I do understand the feeling of being worthless and not good enough.
      Keep dating don’t let it get you down. The one thing I’ve gained is a thicker skin and can handle rejection better. (It still sucks but it’s not making me want to give up.)

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