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Top 10 Wheelchair Date Ideas

So, you’ve met someone in a wheelchair that you kinda like and are kinda thinking about going on a date with. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already Googled the best wheelchair friendly date ideas and come up pretty much empty handed. Don’t panic! We’ve come up with 10 “wheelie” awesome date ideas for you.

  1. Sporting Event – Let’s face it, since we’re Canadian, when we say “sporting event”, what we20140110_202442 really mean is hockey. Pick your local team or your dates favourite team and go cheer them on. Grab a beer and a slice of pizza, laugh, talk and yell at the referees together. Every venue has wheelchair seating and there’s an extra perk; the tickets are usually cheaper! Also, if your team loses, you have an excuse to go for consolation drinks afterwards.
  2. Concert – Let’s face it, since we’re Canadian, when we say “concert”, what we really mean is hockey. Just kidding😃. Have a favourite band playing near by? Or does a pub downtown have live music tonight? Go check it out! Let loose, dance a little, sing way too loudly and off-key. Yes, someone in a wheelchair can dance and yes they can dance well! Don’t be worried about crowded dance floors and the wheelchair not being able to move around easily. Trust us, a wheelchair in a crowded bar is like Moses parting the Red Sea; people move out of the way. And those that don’t? Well then, caster, meet pinky toe; they’ll get the idea pretty quickly.
  3. Beer/Wine Tasting – Craft breweries are popping up everywhere right now. In a lot of cities, you can do walking (or rolling) self-guided brewery tours. Or if you come from a place like the Okanagan Valley where we live, there are more wineries than there are Tim Horton’s or Starbucks. Pick a few that sound interesting and hit them up. They are mostly inexpensive, usually have amazing food and a lot of places even offer tours of their brew house. Not to mention they are all wheelchair accessible.
  4. Dinner and a movie – It’s a classic. Whether it’s a fancy restaurant and the newest box office hit, or cooking together at home and picking a movie from Netflix, this date is intimate and cozy and 100% wheelchair friendly. Unless your house has stairs… then I suggest going to your date’s house! Tip – if you’re planning on going to a restaurant that you haven’t been to before, call ahead to make sure that they don’t have any steps, that the tables aren’t all bar height, and that they have an elevator, lift, or ramp if needed. Saves any hassle or embarrassment once you get there.
  5. Star Gazing – This is my (Sam’s) personal favourite. Shawn and I are both tea drinkers so we go to Tim Horton’s, grab a tea and head up a mountain at the edge of the city. We park, drink our tea and chat while looking out over the city lights and looking up at the stars. Plus, a lot of fun can be had in the backseimage-9at… if you know what I mean! And if you don’t want to stay in the vehicle, grab a blanket and lay outside where you can cuddle for warmth.
  6. Camping – Put on your plaid, grab your hatchet and your tent and get out there like a true Canadian! Again, just kidding… tenting can be difficult with a wheelchair! But camping can be very wheelchair accessible. Do your research and find a site that’s paved or has relatively even ground. Our boys use a FreeWheel to get around places that are a little more uneven. A lot of places even sell firewood now so you don’t have to chop it if neither of you is able. You can tent it, rent a cabin or use a camping trailer, which is what we do. There is nothing more fun than a weekend away from technology and the city, where all you have is time to connect while sitting around a campfire.
  7. Walk & Roll – Grab a coffee and go for a walk…and roll! A “stroll”…? Get a little exercise and enjoy the great outdoors all while enjoying your community. To add some romance try to hold hands, it may not work for very long but it sure is fun to try!
  8. Swimming – Sound like an odd date idea? Well it kind of is. I (Chelsea) discovered this date idea at random. James and I went for a swim on a hot Okanagan day. As we floated around I realized it was the first time I could see him eye to eye. It was exhilarating! We were essentially standing. It was very intimate and some butt grabbing was involved! Haha
  9. Cooking – Grab a recipe and try to cook something new! No matter what function your partner has this can always be a team effort. It’s a great way to get to know each other and learn about someone’s abilities and food preferences.
  10. Road Trip – Whether you go for an hour, a day, or a week, going somewhere new is a great way to get to know each other. You are, after all, stuck in a car with them! And yes, people in wheelchairs can drive!

**Bonus Date** If you’re feeling really crazy, take a trip to Las Vegas! We love Vegas and we love to go with our men. It is extremely accessible; in fact we call it the “wheelchair playground”. We have both created many memories in Vegas and highly recommend this vacation with your wheel love!1907707_10153892256190503_1322834590_o

Pretty average list, right? That’s because in the grand scheme of things, dating someone in a wheelchair is just like dating someone who isn’t. There’s no big secret to a great wheelchair date. In the end, the fact of the matter is that if you like each other, it really doesn’t matter what you’re doing; you’re going to have fun. So go on, kids, have fun! Just remember to be safe and have her home by curfew.

Random Fact – while writing this post we used the thesaurus to find other ways to say “just kidding” and we learned that “flimflam” is another word for joke! We’re not flimflamming you! Ridiculous, right? You’re welcome!

Pushing on…

Sam & Chelsea


  • Leah

    We love the outdoors and purchased the FreeWheel a few years ago. It is amazing! It allows us to do so much more. Along the lines of swimming, my man and I enjoy kayaking together (in separate kayaks). It puts us on even ground so to speak, ability and height wise.

  • Leah Dahlberg

    The free wheel is amazing! We love the outdoors and can do so much with it. On the same idea as swimming, my man and I kayak together. He loves it because it puts us on even ground so to speak ability and height wise.

    • Sam & Chelsea

      We love kayaking as well, Leah! Glad you guys have also discovered the Free Wheel! Thanks for commenting!

  • Beth

    Our problem is that we don’t have a van. Dates are walking or bus. I’d love to do the camping or more “outside the box” ones but we’re limited to bus schedules and boundaries… any creative transportation thoughts? (Power chair)

  • Alia

    The White Rock Pier was a good place. My fiance is a sometimes wheelchair user, sometimes uses crutches, but walks more now than he used to when we first met. He has a T8 incomplete SCI … So our first date he decided to chair it and we went to white rock and got ice cream and a walk up and down the beach. The pier wasn’t too busy just pretty bumpy for him. Bumpy enough that his phone he left in his lap was bouncing around. I asked him a few times if he wanted me to hold it or it was going to bounce through the pier boards into the ocean! It didn’t happen but made for a cute first memorable date!

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