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Top 10 Travel Month Highlights

Thank you for taking a trip with us this month as we dream of one day travelling again! We have learned a lot and have compiled a top ten highlight list from this month’s blog posts! 

  1. “Know that things will go wrong no matter how much you plan! Even in the tough moments we try to think of it as an adventure.” -Dee from Accessible Adventurers. Read the full interview with Dee here.
  1. In Chelsea’s blog post she discusses the difficulties of shedding guilt while traveling with her spouse. “Look, yes it’s a little sad when you can’t experience some things with the person you love but you’ll regret not going on that hike, walking on that beach or going up those stairs to some ancient pyramid. It’s a tangled weave of guilt on both parts if you don’t.” 
  1. Colleen discussed her first time travelling with her husband after his injury. Her advice was to “travel with at least one other experienced inter-abled couple on your first trip because there are so many little things that come up that could become overwhelming or discouraging without a little help from a friend.” As the song goes, we get by with a little help from our friends.
  1. Adele discussed the importance of research and planning ahead of time. “The more you know the better you can expect or try to predict the unexpected as well as have some solutions at the ready.” Read her full article here.
  1. Andrea discusses the importance of keeping an open mind during travel. “Always try to stay positive and don’t let minor inconveniences bring you down. Remember to be kind. Most places/people just don’t understand everything that comes along with a SCI. Accommodating you is a learning experience for them too!” Read everything else she has to say here.
  1. Luggage is a big one, what to bring and how to bring it. In Chelsea’s blog post she highlights the Phoenix Bag that has made travelling easier. Here is the link again to check out this awesome product!
  1. We have learned that cruise ship travel is a great method to see different places and go on adventures. Cruising also takes away the sometimes overwhelming anxiety of finding an accessible place to sleep at night and the use of an accessible bathroom. 
  1. Janene discusses the importance of never losing your sense of humour. “I hate to say expect mishaps….but seriously, expect mishaps…BUT enjoy the entire experience as we have found that sometimes a mishap actually turns out to be a great learning experience and/or an excellent opportunity to educate vendors or communities about accessibility in general. And truthfully speaking, many of our mishaps have actually become some of our best memories.” Read the rest of her article Best Laid Plans.
  1. We have also learned that the internet in all it’s glorious wonder is a great source for finding accessible travel tips and tricks. Some sites highlighted this month were: airBnB, VRBO, Accessible Travel Club, Accessible Travel USA/Canada, Wheelchair Accessible Cruising, Curb Free with Cory Lee and of course Accessible Adventurers
  1. Lastly, if there is something that you have always wanted to do but it is completely inaccessible…find a group of Wheel Loves! Chances are they are going to be more than willing to join and the appreciation for the trip or actively will be mutually enjoyed! 

A big thank you to this month’s contributors as they share their knowledge and experience. We hope that one day soon this world will be in a place that makes travel a safe option again because, let’s face it, 2020 has left everyone in serious need of a vacation!

Pushing on…

The Wheel Love Team

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