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Goodbye, 2020

Don’t call us…. we’ll call you.

Well, 2020… can’t say we are sad to see you go.

Let us start off by saying how proud we are of all of you. You’re here. You made it through a year of uncertainty, fear and immeasurable loss. A year when our mental health was forced to take a backseat to our physical well-being and we were introduced to terms like ‘social distancing’ and ‘anti-masker’. But, we hope that in the middle of all the unprecedented chaos, you were able to find a little light.

We hope that quarantine gave you the opportunity to slow down; to catch up on your favorite show and binge watch a new one, to read a few books, drink a few hot coffees (or a lot, let’s be real), reconnect with your partner, watch a sunset or sunrise, and to spend some quality time with those you share your daily life with.

We hope that the inability to connect socially taught you which connections you value most, and has allowed you to let go of those who do not contribute to your life in a positive way.

We hope that the sudden disruption to your life taught you just how resilient and resourceful you can be. Whether it was learning to work from home, learning to homeschool, loss of income, loss of a loved one, physical or emotional struggles, or anything else this year decided to throw at you.

We hope that in the midst of upheaval, riots, protests, elections and division that you have found compassion and empathy for your fellow humans; that you were able to respect the opinions and decisions of others, even when they didn’t align with your own and that your own decisions were made with the greater good in mind.

Most of all, going into 2021, we hope that you are healthy, that you are safe, and that you are loved. We hope that the new year brings you more of whatever it is you need right now and less of the hardships that plagued 2020.

One fact remains clear; if there is one thing this community knows how to do, it’s how to adapt. We adapt every day, pandemic or not. We adapt to a world that is inaccessible, we adapt to a life that is not experienced by many. If anything, maybe we were the most equipped to face a world-wide lock down. We have gained the tools and knowledge to turn negatives into positives and to quickly modify our lives to a current situation. The world has experienced a life where things are not accessible; everyday conveniences, became not so convenient. Maybe, just maybe, the public may now have a real inside glimpse into the world of disability.

To those who didn’t make it through this year, our thoughts are forever with them and we send our love to their families and loved ones. To everyone else, congrats on making it this far; your strength is admirable.

Happy new year; we are looking forward to what it brings. And here’s to 2021; good or bad, always remember we have each other.


Sam, Chelsea & the Wheel Love Team

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