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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Wheel Love

Welcome to December!  It’s the time of year filled with warm drinks, lots of family and friends, good food, Christmas trees and glitter… seriously, there is glitter everywhere. It is also the time of year for gifts; finding the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, buying it, wrapping it and getting to watch their expression as they open it. For some of us, this time of the year means panic; sheer panic. What do you do if you have no idea what to get someone? Or if they’re one of those people who already has pretty much everything; or if you really just suck at picking presents for people?

No fear, Wheel Love is here! We have compiled a list of gift ideas to help you fill the stocking and put some boxes under the tree for your Wheel Love.

  1. Gloves. We have talked about this before in our Wheel Love Life Hacks post and they make an excellent gift. There are a ton of different kinds, but you want to look for something durable, with a padded or leather palm. For winter months, waterproof is a good idea too.
  2. GoPro. These cameras are too cool. They can attach to anything, take continuous still photos or video and they’re small and lightweight. They also come with a whole host of different accessories; attachments, lenses, even a waterproof case. They are perfect for the adventurer in your life. Attach them to your Wheel Love’s wheelchair, hand cycle, wrist or anywhere else you can find and document all your adventures. Get it here.maxresdefault
  3. Cup Holder.  We also mentioned this in our Life Hacks post. Everyone in a wheelchair should have one; our men swear by them. You can get something as simple as a water bottle holder for a bike, or look around online and in mobility aid stores to find ones designed specifically for wheelchairs. Either way, they are inexpensive and very convenient.
  4. Pouches.  These are a wheelchair users best friend… and their wife/girlfriends best friend. Tired of having your purse weighed down by your mans wallet, keys, phone, catheter supplies, sunglasses, gloves and whatever else they decide they need for a half hour trip to the grocery store? Get them a pouch! They attach underneath the seat and are easily accessible by the person sitting in the wheelchair. They come in a range of different types and different size and you can find them online or at any store that sells wheelchairs and accessories. Make sure to get one that you can close (zipper or velcro) so you don’t lose things.wheelchair-seat-pouch-556663-medium_image
  5. Hand Sanitizer. Perfect stocking stuffer. They make small bottles, and even individual wipes now that are perfect for on the go. Our mens hands get filthy from wheeling around and these things are a life saver. Plus, they fit nicely in that new pouch you just bought!
  6. Free Wheel. We’ve mentioned the Free Wheel in our Top 10 Wheelchair Date Ideas, but it is amazing. It can make previously unaccessible areas now accessible and rough terrain easier to navigate. Did you use to avoid beaches, campgrounds or going for walks along the boardwalk? Now you won’t have to. Get it here.freewheel_20131204_1806848291
  7. Sheepskin Slipper. For starters, they’re incredibly comfortable (even though half of our Wheel Love’s can’t feel their feet) and they’re incredibly warm. Secondly, they do wonders for preventing pressure sores, or making sure already existing ones don’t get any worse. Stylish and practical, what more could you ask for in a gift, right?
  8. Two Handled Coffee Mug. Admit it, they’re pretty cool. Easy to hold without burning your hands for anyone who doesn’t have full hand function. Or really, even if you do and you’re spilly drinkers like us… problem solved.dignitymug-1
  9. Velcro/Zipper Shoes. Convenient for anyone who doesn’t have the finger dexterity to tie laces, or who can’t seem to shove their foot into a shoe. They are much more stylish than they used to be and are super comfortable. Check out NikeAdidas or Vans for some cool options.
  10. CO2 Cannister. We talked about these in our Life Hacks post. Small and easy to carry around, you’ll never have to worry about a flat tire again. They’re perfect for travel and can be carried in that new pouch that you already bought your love and they make an awesome stocking stuffer.img_2550
  11. Tire Repair Kit. These are a necessity and they are inexpensive. You can buy them at any store that sells bicycle accessories and they include a metal rasp, assorted rubber patches and glue. We would suggest you add a spare tube incase you’re isn’t able to be repaired.
  12. Bottle/Can Lids. Every wheelchair user needs these. Drinks either end up all over their lap  and shoes, or even if they have a cup holder, sometimes they end up with dirt or who knows what else in them. Save the beer from spills and dirt with these inexpensive stocking stuffers than you can find either online or at your local dollar store.2016-11-30_18-33-57
  13. Portable Hand Controls. These are handy to have incase your Wheel Love ever needs to drive a vehicle other than their own. They’re pretty light weight, easy to install and make renting a car possible. Yes, they look pretty sketchy, but don’t worry, they work.
  14. Mister with Fan. Your typical spray bottle on steroids. Great for us able bodies on hot days and even better for our Wheel Loves who can’t regulate their temperature or sweat. They’re good for travel, the beach and for playing sports and you can find them at Walmart for pretty cheap.67a7fed9-d85b-496a-9309-3c1ad9f5746c_1-657342e10486030a719fe204907c489f
  15. Lululemon Yoga Pants. Our men swear by these. They’re comfortable (even if you can’t feel the bottom half of your body), they’re flexible, they’re breathable, they have an elastic waist (which means no pressure points on the hips) and they come in multiple colors for both men and women. They are also super long which is helpful when you sit all the time, but if they’re too long lululemon offers free hemming services. Head on over to their website to check out their selection and pick up a pair for both yourself and your Wheel Love.
  16. Hand Lotion. Hardcore hand lotion. Wheels do a number on the skin on your hands so a good moisturizer is a must. There are a ton of different kinds out there, but the best one we have found is O’Keeffe’s Working Hands.7_4_1_7_2658935
  17. Hex Keys. If you don’t already have these, go get them. They are needed for pretty much any adjustment you’ll need to make on your wheelchair from replacing bearings to adjusting brakes. You can fid them at any hardware store, they’re inexpensive and make the perfect stocking stuffer for the hands-on, DIY Wheel Love.
  18. Insulated Shoe Covers. These are great for the winters even if your Wheel Love isn’t the outdoors type. They zip over your shoes and keep your feet warm and dry while pushing through the snow. No more need to struggle trying to get your foot into a boot. You can find them at any outdoors store that sells hunting or camping gear.boot-cover-on-and-off
  19. Travel Cushion. Butt protection is a must. Travel cushions are light weight and good for pretty much anywhere; the car, the plane, the hard seat at the restaurant, even amusement park rides. They also make gel seat pads for shower benches which are a life saver. You can find them anywhere you can find wheelchair accessories.
  20. VEGAS. We have said this before, but Vegas is a wheelchair playground. Everything is accessible, there are endless things to do and see and it’s the perfect place to master some new wheelchair skills. You can eat, you can drink, you can gamble, you can sightsee, you can catch a show; there is something for everyone. Our men especially enjoy spinning in circles on the moving sidewalks and watching people stare while they go up and down the escalators. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good vacation??309728b09d1231310a4501f778ac28b1

At the end of the day, you know your Wheel Love the best; what they like and what they don’t. And remember, just because they are in a wheelchair, doesn’t mean their gifts all need to be based on that, so have fun with it. Whatever you choose, we are sure they’ll love it… or at least pretend to!

unknownWishing you all a very Merry Christmas… or Happy Holidays… or Seasons Greetings…

Much love.

Pushing on…

Sam & Chelsea


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