We Are Going Live!

We are going LIVE! Facebook live that is 
Before taking a small break to enjoy the holidays with our freinds and family, we invite you to join us Sunday, December 11, at 4:00 PT where we will answer any of your questions and talk about our exciting new plans for 2017. Hope to see you then!

To find us search @lifeloveandwheelies or click here.

Pushing on…

Sam & Chelsea

2 thoughts on “We Are Going Live!

  1. Brilliant news!
    Lets hope it opens doors to brand new avenue’s in our World of wheeling.

    Communication is paramount for our knowledge and insight into how other’s cope and have fun in life and/or overcome obstacles with humor and dignity.

    I look forward to the opportunity real soon.

    Good Luck on your new venture 🙂

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