Uprights Say the Darndest Things

This week on Wheel Love:

Over the years we have heard some pretty ridiculous things from people who have a general curiosity as to what life is like with someone in a wheelchair… and some from people who just don’t think before they speak. Some are entertaining, some make us shake our heads and some leave us speechless. Check out Uprights Say the Darndest Things and let us know what ridiculous things you’ve heard from people!

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Sam & Chelsea

25 thoughts on “Uprights Say the Darndest Things

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  2. I really don’t find much of this amusing. I bet most people who lived part of their lives upright, but are now in chairs, thought or said some of the same things before their injuries. I would much rather have someone ask me a question than talk behind my back or think things that aren’t true. There really aren’t any stupid questions. Just stupid answers. A lot of people who have no experience with paraplegics or quads don’t know if people can still function sexually or don’t realize that people can still drive. How do they learn without asking questions?
    If you want people to be educated, you have to answer some of the “stupid” questions or they will never know the answers. Jus’ sayin’

  3. Yep….Ive heard them all too!! Especially the “getting it up”” question. What the heck??!! Totally loving you ladies! 🙂

  4. I was on a cruise with my husband and we got on a crowded elevator. A man looks at me and says loudly “I was in one of those last year when i broke my leg.” Ummm…ok (eye roll) 🙂 . I just smiled and he merrily got off on the next floor. LOL 🙂

  5. Some of the best I get. You work? Yes! Who takes you to work? I do. You take a bus? No, I drive! You drive? Yes! Who lives with you? Nobody! So you must eat out a lot? If I want, but I love to cook myself! Most of the questions are from Doctor’s who are used to people giving up. Hell I have as much fun as possible.

  6. My beloved partner suffered a spinal stroke 7 weeks ago now.
    The only thing that gets us both through the mind numbing days in hospital waiting for a transfer to a spinal rehab centre is a sense of humour….lots of cuddles…the hospital sweet shop…and fantastic sites like yours.
    Thank you so much. keep up the good work.

    1. Aww, Hayley, thank you so much for your kind words! We hope your partner recovers quickly and relatively painlessly. Trust us when we say that it DOES get better! Much love and all the best!

  7. Therapist to my wife: “Do you think it’s a shame you can’t have kids?”
    Her son (my amazing stepson) is 20 now and studying in Scotland. (She raised him all by herself those 9 years before I met her.)

  8. We like to confuse and make fun of people in a nice way. Standing in line somewhere, the guy in front of my wife stepped backwards, so my wife moved her wheelchair a bit backwards to give him some space. The nice guy, realising his stepping backwards was forcing her to move, said she didn’t have to do that in a Dutch expression (“nee nee, blijf maar zitten”) that translates to something like “no no, you just sit there”. So I said to my wife, in a voice to make it very clear that I was joking: “You hear that, love, this man doesn’t want you to stand up!” We started laughing, also to let the guy know we were just teasing him, but he got really red from shame and started stuttering and apologising! It took a little while before he got it we were joking.

  9. These 2 girls were so darn cute in this presentation!!! Their facial expressions are priceless!

    Does anyone know if there is an organization that could help with widening doorways or actually any minor household accommodation that is necessary for the quality of life for a physically challenged person who lives alone? I have not been able to find anyone/anything other than someone who will write a grant for these needs (at a cost of $2,500) with no guarantee of approval.

    1. Hey, Pat. Thanks so much for your comment! Any local renovation companies should be able to help you out with your needs! Good luck!

  10. As a paraplegic in a wheelchair for 25 years now I think these two ladies have pretty much reiterated the stupid things that I have personally heard many times from uninformed people about those of us that are paralyzed or that need to use a wheelchair that is by the way not our first choice to need to do so. I have even asked a couple of people before in the past to please read up on people that are paralyzed and learn something about what some say are “Those People.” We are really more Normal than what you might think. “Man, it’s a jungle out there.”

    Brett W.

  11. This is soooooo accurate. We have heard it all. One time I was at a bar without the boy, and I casually mentioned he was in a wheelchair, and girls I thought were potential friends went “wait… like… all the time? How does that work?” And I was stunned. Some catch on pretty quickly and are amazed at all we’re able to do. Others…. yea. it never ends… .

    – Mallory

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