Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

You can’t even pretend that you didn’t sing that line in your head as you read it! But yes, you read it correctly; we want to talk about sex. We figured we should put this one out there right away; lay it all on the table since right after “You’re such a good person!” always […]

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A response to all the people who have ever told us "You're such a good person!" when they find out our men are in wheelchairs.

Your Wheelchair Makes Me Awesome

The fact that our men are in wheelchairs comes up in conversation almost daily. And soon after follows, “bless your heart,” or “you’re such a good person.” CHELSEA SAYS… Of course I’m a good person. When I met James I felt sorry for him. I instantly pushed my dreams and aspirations aside and made the […]

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A Guide to Spinal Cord Injury

This video was done as part of a project for one of Sam’s classes in nursing school. The people interviewed are very near and dear to our hearts and we hope that once you hear their stories they will have stolen a little piece of your heart as well. Pushing on… Sam & Chelsea

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An open letter to the new owners of my house

To the New Owners of My House

Dear new home owners, Congratulations on your new home! I know that this is an exciting time for you and that you are eager to make this house your own, but I thought that maybe if you knew a bit about it (and the people that have called it home), it would become more than […]

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