I was born, raised, and currently reside in the Okanagan Valley (what can I say, it’s gorgeous here!). I’m 31 and work full time as a nurse, although I am currently on maternity leaving, taking care of the most beautiful baby boy in the world (I may be biased). I’ve known my husband, Shawn, for over 20 years, most of which was spent as best friends. In 2009 he was the passenger in a car accident that left him as a T4 incomplete paraplegic. Shawn asked me to marry him in December of 2013 and I did on August 21, 2015. And before you try and put two and two together, no, I’m not my husbands nurse.S&S Wedding

I have always had a love of writing.

What started out as “Dear Diary” entries when I was a little girl, quickly turned into a way for me to find clarity in situations and emotions as I became an adult. And after my husbands accident, there were a million new emotions and questions. I searched, and Googled, and read, and researched, but I found that there was a serious lack of resources for family, friends and loved ones of someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury. We all just kinda learned it as we went. The idea for this site actually stemmed from a random comment Chelsea made about how I “should be a writer!” after I had her read a letter I had written to the new owners of the house Shawn and I had just sold (you can read it here). Combine all these things together, and voila! Here we are.

I believe that words are powerful.Sam

I believe that they can awaken something inside of you and open your eyes to a world that you didn’t know existed. That they can light a fire in your imagination, or lull you into a dream filled sleep. They can tell a story and change your way of thinking, or solidify already held beliefs. I believe that words can break a spirit, but that they can also heal a soul.

I also believe in love. The passionate, messy kind. Anything else would be boring. So I hope that here you will find powerful words, lots of love and maybe even learn something new as you follow Chelsea and I on our journeys with our men on wheels.



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