My mother was pregnant with me while she worked in a spinal cord rehabilitation unit. I looked at her the other day and the light bulb went off.

IMG_4947“Of course!” I yelled out, “I was literally born to love someone in a wheelchair!”

James was the passenger of a car accident 19 years ago, leaving him a T6/7 paraplegic. He is an active, (sometimes too active), exuberant man and we have been together almost three years. I am a 27-year-old independent filmmaker who loves the art of storytelling. A mountain girl through and through, I love adventure and the simple things in life.

I never thought the man of my dreams would come with castors, catheters and wheels stuck to his butt…but here we are!

Some assume dating a person in a chair may be a big sacrifice; this is simply not the case. Your lifestyle DOES alter, such as: you look at stairs differently, dishes are no longer on the top shelf and you bend down to kiss ect. The hardest part for me was finding an outlet to voice my questions and concerns, or just finding someone to relate to. I found that outlet in Sam and it was such a relief to have someone to talk to. We laugh and cry together and realized very quickly how little support there is for family members or spouses of people in chairs._MG_4778

I hope you enjoy our crazy, whacky adventures as we walk and roll through life and more importantly I hope that we can answer or provide support to anyone out there who is looking for someone to relate to☺


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